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The writings on the prints are taken from the King James bible with Strong’s concordance and Brenton’s Septuagint cross reference.

Biblical Hebrew is somewhat vague around certain letters, with many different opinions.
Of all the different opinions nobody can claim 100% accuracy, until Messiah come.

Our father’s name is the most debated and like many others we have settled on the name Yahuah. YHWH ( Yahuuwah ) with the W [UU] sound naturally occurring between the WAW and the HEY. You may have seen YHVH as the name. This abbreviation might have German influence as the letter W in German takes the pronunciation of an English V. Not by scriptural facts but through prayer, more a feeling within that Yahuah is correct. 

Our Messiah’s name is revealed in scriptural text as you can see in Hebrews 4:8 Strong’s concordance.

G2424.       ʼΙησοῦς            Iesous


H3091.               יהושׁע               Yahusha 


In Brenton’s Septuagint Joshuah 2:1 Joshuah translates as ʼΙησοῦς 

From Hebrew Yahusha to Greek Iesous to English Jesus, with what looks to be German influence [again] as their J is Y in English, sounds like Yeesous in German. The letter J appeared as a modification of the Latin letter I in the year 1554 but was not used in 1611 KJV. If you translate from Hebrew Yahusha straight into English you get Joshuah. It's wonderful how names translate differently through different languages, but if you go back to Hebrew from both names you get YAHUSHA. 

On a personal note, I don't want to take anything away from the name Jesus, I found my faith in this name as many people still do today. It is a truth that seems to have gone unnoticed for a long time. Now that I have seen it, I am urged to use our Messiah's original name (that inner feeling again).

Yah is used 50 times in scripture as reference to our father's name. I have taken the
liberty of restoring  his name into the phrase PRAISE TO YAH - HALLELUYAH.

I hope you find all the prints on this site to your liking! All prints are A4.

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